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3 Questions Parents should ask Teachers to Improve Students’ Development

Gone are the days when parents’ involvement in their child’s school life was minimal. To succeed in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive environment, kids need all the help they can get. Many progressive schools encourage parents’ active participation in the progress of their children’s education and Greenwood High is one such school.

Whenever you have a chance to meet your kid’s teacher, these questions will help you assess your child’s progress.

1. Enquire about their Academic Progress

As a parent, you should prioritize regular updates on your child’s academic performance. Other than the factual information about academics, you should also try to know about the teacher’s assessment of your child’s performance.

Take a look at these following questions –

“How is my child performing in class?”

“Is the homework being submitted properly and on time?”

“Are they able to grasp new concepts at a good pace?”

“How are their classroom communication skills?”

These kind of questions can help you understand whether or not your child is making the required progress at their studies in school.

2. Stay informed about their Extracurricular Development

School is not just about studying and getting good grades. As a parent you need to be aware of all of extracurricular activities and your child’s progress there. Not only do these activities promote physical exercise, but they also help develop your child’s communication skills and ability to work in a team. One shouldn’t shy away from being in constant contact with yourchild’s co-curricular teachers. Be it music or elocution, sports or art, showing an interest in your child’s interest automatically motivates your little one to perform better.

Here are some sample questions that you can ask your child’s teachers in order to support their extracurricular endeavours.

“Is my kid coming to football practice regularly?”

“Are they rehearsing enough with the piano?”

“Does my child enjoy swimming?”

“Is he/she focusing too much on studies and not as much in painting?”

3. Find out what you can do to help

Now that you have learnt about your child’s performance – how can you help? Although international schools like Greenwood High have highly qualified academicians and experts to show your child the right path, parental guidance is vital. No matter what support your child gets from their school, you can always optimize it by guiding them at home as well.

Ask the teachers how you can support your child’s performance and work on aspects of their education that have scope for improvement. The optimum learning environment for your child will be when parental guidance and school education go hand in hand.