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Abhimanyu Kapoor of Grade 10 publishes book “Lockdown Poetry”

Abhimanyu Kapoor of Grade 10 has successfully published his book “Lockdown Poetry” on Amazon. The book has received positive reviews of 4.8 out 5 and has even achieved a rank of 51st Best-seller in the Literature and Fiction in the Kindle store.

Abhimanyu explains, “Lockdown Poetry is a short book comprising of ten poems written by me during the lockdown period. It is an attempt to express the emotions I experienced at that time. Each of these poems has originated from a thought or emotion I have felt strongly about – Selfless Love, What Humans Do!, The Teacher’s Mood, This Was Not The School I Knew, We Are The Virus, Monotonous Holidays, The Curse Of Intelligence, The Man Who Knew Freedom, Choice, Mirage.”

Link to the book:

“We really appreciate the education and values imparted by Greenwood High and teachers”, says his parent Ms. Jaya Kapoor

Congratulations Abhimanyu! Keep writing!