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Greenwood High, Bangalore

Greenwood High: ‘Rooted in Knowledge’

Greenwood High offers IB, IGSE, ISC, ICSE as well as the International Primary Years Program. The school envisions the students to become moral, empathetic, and socially responsible citizens of the century, who are rooted to their culture and are ready to accept any new challenges with a fresh approach towards learning. And to attain this, the school identifies multiple intelligences and offers theme-based learning, concept-based learning, exploration based, student centric learning, as well as differentiated learning for students of various abilities. 

Greenwood High students not only balance academics, sports, and co-curricular activities, but excel in them.  Greenwood High IB results far outshine the world average; the school has produced India toppers in both IGCSE and ICSE.  And yet, these very same industrious students immerse themselves in theatre and with support from their theatre, art, and music teachers, and have presented ‘Annie’ a musical that was compared to professional theatre productions.  To encourage them further, the school has held various workshops including one from the prestigious Globe Education.

The students are artists, musicians, sports champions and MUN experts.  But all, they are concerned global citizens.  

Vidya Ramesh, in 2014, designed a six wheeled hand cart with steering, gears and brakes to help street vendors manoeuvre their hand carts over uneven, hilly terrains.  In 2015,  Siddharth Kumar a grade 11 student developed a cell phone app ‘Corner Shop’ “aiming to give small time vendors a platform to boost their sales.”  In 2016, Pavan Chitta came up with an App called “Bee My Guide”. The App enables the visually impaired to know exactly what surrounds them in their immediate environment so they have a relatively higher level of independence and in a way gain the sensation of vision through visualization by using the app along with their other senses. 16-year-old Siddharth Pandya, a student of Grade 12, in 2016, developed the world’s first live debating platform which allows debaters from around the globe to engage in an intellectual discussion of relevant topics. 

The CAS students volunteer in hospitals, paint government run schools for the underprivileged, create breast cancer awareness, clean streets, and recycle waste. They raise funds for education and health in rural areas. The sports enthusiasts organized ‘Run in the Sun’, to encourage a healthy lifestyle and donated the entire proceeds to improve the quality of sports in India, and to increase awareness about juvenile diabetes.

The students of Greenwood High aim high, and reach higher, for many have been accepted in Ivy League colleges, with scholarships.  Indeed, they all take the school motto ‘Rooted in Knowledge’ very seriously, and while spreading out their wings to soar high, remain rooted deeply in knowledge.