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Vision & Mission



Our vision is to constantly strive to implement, innovate and align ourselves with the latest means and methods of education. We believe in preserving the traditional ways of learning while focusing on a pragmatic approach. The school analyses all prevailing methods and techniques available worldwide to come up with best practices apt for our students. We realize that improvement is an ongoing process and our practices are assessed relentlessly as we move forward.



To educate the youth and equip them to be active beings, free thinkers and socially responsible citizens. Our mission is to develop the intellectual, aesthetic, moral, physical, social and psychological potential of the students. The school atmosphere fosters allegiance in the students to their cultural heritage and promotes respect and tolerance between students and teachers. We encourage students to face challenges head on and always keep a fresh outlook to learning.


Our Motto

“Rooted in Knowledge” – is etched in all that we do at Greenwood High. Reflecting the core values of our rich heritage, we aspire to build strong foundations for our students based on the most powerful value of all knowledge.


Our Ethos: 'The Superlative Synergy'

The school believes in blending the best of traditional and modern values as reflected in the motto and vision statement. We are determined to tap into the unlimited potential of tomorrow and traditional values admired through ages that will benefit our student’s development into cognizant and responsible adults. We, at Greenwood High, honestly believe that these two guiding principles are the best for both students and faculty. We encourage our staff and students to be ‘Rooted in Knowledge’ while always ready to take ‘A Fresh Approach’ in everything they do.