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At Greenwood High, state-of-the-art computers have been installed with LCD monitors in all five of our computer labs, library, and administration blocks. The computers are networked with Gigabit Ethernet and powered by five servers. The network is supported by uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The campus is Wi-Fi enabled. Every classroom is equipped with either Projectors or Smart Boards.

A high-end firewall is in place to monitor internet usage of each user. Robust policies governing appropriate web usage are in place. The firewall blocks not only all inappropriate websites but also generates reports of internet activity for each user. Greenwood High is also equipped with the latest School Management Software.

Greenwood High
Greenwood High

Regular newsletters and information regarding routine activities are emailed to parents. Each parent is given a login ID and password to visit a secure area on our website, enabling them to access their child’s academic progress report, attendance records, class teacher comments, fees status, health, and library book records.