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About School

Greenwood High has made a significant mark in the educational scene and has emerged a name synonymous with one of the best in Education. The school at Bannerghatta aims to outdo current academic standards in the category of International schools in South India. The institution promises a variety of opportunities to tap into one’s true potential during the formative years.

The Teaching of the International Curriculum at Bannerghatta campus started in July 2023 for the Academic year 2023-2024. Currently, the School offers the Integrated International curriculum for primary and middle school students where the curriculum is designed to nurture young learners into well-rounded individuals who are curious, knowledgeable, and socially responsible.

The IPYP Experience

– What is IPYP?
The Integrated Primary Years Programme (IPYP) is a framework offering curriculum for grades 1 to 5. The IPYP curriculum is known for its flexibility, adaptability, and its commitment to fostering a lifelong love for learning.

– Inquiry – Based Learning
At its core, the PYP emphasizes inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to explore concepts, develop critical thinking skills, and make connections between their studies and the real world. The curriculum is transdisciplinary, meaning it integrates various subject areas to foster a holistic understanding of topics. PYP also places a strong emphasis on developing the learner profile, which includes attributes like being inquirers, thinkers, communicators, and principled individuals.

– Subjects Offered
English – Language and Literature, Language Acquisition (Hindi/French/Spanish), Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Science, , Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance, Robotics, Yoga, Kannada, Chess, Taekwondo, PE, Swimming, Reading, Life Skills and other activities.

– The Assessments
Assessment in the IPYP focuses on the process rather than just outcomes, promoting self-assessment and reflection. It aims to develop internationally minded students who are prepared to engage with global challenges and contribute positively to society.

The MSP Experience

– What is MSP?
The Middle school program is a framework offering curriculum for grades 6 to 8. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive and holistic education that not only focuses on academic excellence but also on the development of well-rounded, globally aware individuals.

– Curriculum Overview
The MSP curriculum is structured around eight subject groups, including language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics and arts. What sets MSP apart is its interdisciplinary approach, which encourages students to make connections between subjects and see the relevance of their learning in the real world. MSP also places a strong emphasis on the development of Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, helping students become effective learners and problem solvers.

– Subjects at MSP
English – Language and Literature, Language Acquisition (Hindi / French / Spanish), Mathematics, Computer, Science – (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Social Studies (History and Geography), Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Reading and other activities that are integral.

Enriching Curriculum

Inquiry-based learning is a cornerstone of the Integrated International curriculum. It encourages students to become active, inquisitive learners by asking questions, conducting research, and exploring complex issues. Through inquiry, students develop critical thinking skills, research skills, and a deep understanding of concepts. Teachers act as facilitators, guiding students through the inquiry process and helping them become self-directed learners.

It is not only academically rigorous but also focused on developing students’ character, intercultural awareness, and global mindedness. It prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century by fostering skills and attitudes necessary for success in a rapidly changing world, making it a sought-after educational program worldwide.

– Special programs (SEN, Sports, Activities)

Non academic subjects and activities include STEM – Robotics, Swimming, chess, dance, yoga, Martial Arts, Co-curricular activities, library, Extended Reading program, Physical Education and fitness, Social Emotional development classes and Assemblies.

– Experiential learning and trips

Experiential learning is a fundamental approach in both the Integrated Primary Years Programme (IPYP) and Middle School Programme (MSP). It is a pedagogical philosophy that emphasizes learning through firsthand experiences, active engagement, and reflection. It is integrated through Inquiry-based learning, transdisciplinary units, field trips, personal projects, service learning, global contexts.

Bannerghatta Campus

Students’ life at the campus