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Principal’s Message

Mr. Louis Dias – Principal - greenwoodhigh

Greenwood High has made a significant mark on the educational scene and it is now synonymous with Excellence in Education. Parents from far and wide seek entry into its portals for their wards.
Our academic program is designed specifically to serve the needs of students as they develop their gifts, build empathy and compassion for the world, and gain confidence in their lives as purposeful. Research tells us that when learning is directly tied to the understanding of self and to increased knowledge of the world, students learn best. As such, our program uniquely serves students with a curriculum founded on curiosity, interdisciplinary critical thinking, and the cultivation of their God-given gifts as they navigate increasingly, and developmentally appropriate challenging landscapes of learning.
Learning is an exercise of purpose, of self-understanding, and of coming to know the world in which they will someday lead and serve as students of Greenwood High.

Mr. Louis Dias

Mr. Louis Dias – Principal