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Greenwood has three individually designed Science laboratories for the teaching of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These safe, bright and colourful labs are all equipped with the regulated laboratory features such as gas taps, sinks and electricity sockets together with an extensive range of specialised practical equipment. These practical facilities allow our students to adopt a hands-on approach to discovering and understanding scientific principles and experimental procedures.

Each lab also contains a modern interactive white board with internet connectivity to enable the use of a wide range of inspirational resources to compliment the practical work. In addition, the Chemistry laboratory is equipped with modern equipment like Vernier software which allows for collection of computer data thereby eliminating inaccuracies seen in routine labs where data is collected manually. The Biology lab has darkrooms for optics experiments along with specialised equipment like Autoclave, Incubators, Vernier probes, Lab Quests, Light and Projection microscopes, various science models and so on. Our Physics lab is equipped with modern equipment like Vandergraff generator, electricity, and magnetism related tools along with equipment that help conduct optics experiments.


These labs have a desk area for class teaching, and bench space for practical work. The bench areas have a full range of services fed from flexible overhead or floor-level service points. This arrangement allows great flexibility both in terms of room layout, and in use of time, with the transition between practical and theoretical activity able to be made very quickly.

In addition to these, we have two spacious Computer Labs and the Robotics space with modern facilities catering to student curiosity and new career options. The Design Technology Lab is placed close to the Arts soace and takes care of several student projects related to design solution.

Health and Safety are paramount. Our labs adhere to all prescribed guidelines, ensuring that they are equipped with all necessary safety features. We have a dedicated preparation area and on-staff lab technician to offer teachers and students support with their practical work and with safety-related issues.