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High School Profile

Greenwood High is an independent, co-educational English medium international school established in 2004 in Bangalore, the vibrant IT capital of India. Every student at Greenwood has the opportunity to explore talents, nurture intellect and creativity, and grow to his or her fullest potential with the awareness of a core value system of commitment and empathy. Our vision is that every young person who passes through these portals will be a principled thinker, an effective communicator and an open-minded global citizen. The motto of the school is to provide a fresh perspective on education, one that marries the talents of each child to the opportunities afforded by the present-day social milieu. Greenwood High is the only school that offers 20 subjects.

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Greenwood High is accredited to the council for the Indian Secondary Certificate Examination – applicable from Grades I to XII, for a two-year course of studies beyond the Indian Certificate Secondary Education (Grade 10) Examination. Students of Grade 11 and 12 pursue the ISC board. These tracks, specifically designed to suit students of varying ability and global career focus, represent a smooth transition from year to year of academia and prepare students to take on the challenges of the course curriculum and university life.

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ensures a general education without any diversification of studies as all candidates are required to take Six subjects and Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). 

Group I subjects are compulsory and students must Select One Second Language from Group One, TWO from Group II and ONE from Group III. 

English is a compulsory subject. 

All students in Grades X and XII, regardless of the subjects chosen, must fulfil the Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) grade to obtain a pass certificate. The nature of this programme may involve field trips and community service, which are organised by the school.

Group I :
History & Civics, Geography, Second Language (Hindi/French/Kannada)

Group II (B)
(any One) :
Mathematics or
Environmental Science

Group II (A) (any one) : Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology),
or Economics

Group III (any One) : Computer Applications / Economic Applications/ Commercial Applications/ Art / Physical Education / Mass Media & Communication

Greenwood High
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Results & Placements



Criteria & Reporting
Students are evaluated following the systematic format of Unit Test and Term Exams. Student learning is measured on an ongoing basis through regular cycle tests, term examinations and internal assessments.

Grade IX and XI have two Unit Tests & two examination cycles.
Grade X and XII have two Unit Tests & three Examination cycles. 

Academic reporting is in accordance with the standards outlined by the CISCE (in Percentages) The same grading system applies for the Predicted scores.
The school does not rank students within subjects, class or cohort. The school also does not provide the GPA as a means of ranking student performance. Detailed reports for the same are shared with the parents.