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A Freshness in approach, Openness of enquiry, breadth of study, creativity in argument and invention, independence of mind, and ambition for quality: are the keynotes in our approach to education. Greenwood High is an independent, co-educational English medium international school established in 2004 in Bangalore, the vibrant IT capital of India. Every student at Greenwood has the opportunity to explore talents, nurture intellect and creativity, and grow to his or her fullest potential with the awareness of a core value system of commitment and empathy. Our vision is that every young person who passes through these portals will be a principled thinker, an effective communicator and an open-minded global citizen. The motto of the school is to provide a fresh perspective on education, one that marries the talents of each child to the opportunities afforded by the present-day social milieu. Greenwood High is the only school that offers 20 subjects.

Greenwood High
Annual Report for the academic year
2022 – 2023