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IGCSE June 2022 Results Highlights

We are glad to announce the highlights of the IGCSE June 2022 Results for Greenwood High Students.

104 students secured Cambridge ICSE certification with 82 securing the Distinction.

The following 6 students have secured Nine A* (the highest number of subjects offered to any student at GWH)

  1. Nidhi Iyengar
  2. Srivishnu Raja Vusirikala
  3. Prajwal Madhusudhana Reddy
  4. Soham Shreenivas Joshi
  5. Mythili Vishala
  6. Avigna Anil Kamat
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The following 12 students have secured Eight A*

  1. Pavan Nandhakumar
  2. Alekhya Sengupta Banerjee
  3. Rahul Prabhu
  4. Rohan Kishor Joshi
  5. Saanvi Madduri
  6. Saloni Singh
  7. Samika Sohan Parandekar
  8. Sravya Mahathi Nimmagadda 
  9. Vishwanath L Missula 
  10. Adyaa Mishra 
  11. Amishi Agarwal
  12. Mehul Tandon
Definite Subject World Toppers with 100% marks (The Board does not release the data on rankings)

Nidhi Iyengar in Biology and Additional Mathematics

Rohan Kishore Joshi in Additional Mathematics

45% of all grades achieved are A* (the highest available Grade)

73% of all grades achieved are A and above

88% of all grades achieved are B and above

7 students secured all A* for the subjects they registered.

6 students secured Nine A*

12 students secured Eight A*

9 students secured Seven A*

We congratulate the IGCSE Batch of 2022 and wish them good luck. We are proud of them.


We are delighted to announce that Greenwood High IBDP students have secured wonderful results for the Class of 2022.

Three of our students have scored perfect 45 points on 45.

1. Vineet Kulkarni
2. Virochan Pandit
3. Yash Bharadwaj

Six students have scored 44 points.

1. Malavika Garimella
2. Mallika Garimella
3. Mugilan Ganesan
4. Siddharth Sundararajan
5. Nikitha Vasudevan
6.Bhavna Murarka

In total, 26 of our students have scored 40 and above & 44 students have scored 36 and above. ‘

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IB Diploma Programme Results – Class of 2022

Greenwood High

IB Diploma Programme Results – Class of 2022

Greenwood High IBDP students have secured wonderful results for the current session May 2022. Three of our students scored perfect 45 points and six students scored 44 points. In total, 26 students have scored 40 and above and 44 students scored 36 and above. We are proud of our students and the Greenwood High Management Team, Leadership team and Faculty who have guided and supported them.

Sarjapur International School Results (IGCSE / IB)



IGCSE Toppers 2021The School has achieved a top notch 100% Results once again.All 119 students who appeared for the IGCSE June 2021 Series Examinations have passed in flying colors. Remarkably, 15 students got A* in all the subjects. Students who got A* in all subjects are :

  • Tanisha Reddy Dodla
  • Mihir Dasgupta
  • Vasanth Gogineni
  • Aditya Raju
  • Ruchi Agarwal
  • Anishka Mohanty
  • Vanya Agarwal
  • Bhavika Kothari
  • Devika Manohar
  • Zahrah Salim Imani
  • Kalpita Nath
  • Vedant Malhotra
  • Khwaish Sandeep Sethiya
  • Ridhi Srikanth





Other Toppers



Results & Placements



Once again the students of Greenwood High have brought laurels to the school in Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Class X. Neel Mulay from Greenwood High with an aggregate of 99 % in ICSE exam has secured 3rd Rank (All-over India), also clinching the first place from the South. Notably, out of 122 students who had appeared for ICSE, 75% of the students scored above 90%.

Congratulations to the batch of 2017-18.

Results ICSE

Sarjapur IB School Placements


The students of Greenwood High aim high, and reach higher, for many have been accepted in Ivy League colleges, with scholarships. Indeed, they all take the school motto ‘Rooted in Knowledge’ very seriously, and while spreading out their wings to soar high, remain rooted deeply in knowledge.

Our students are some of the most sought after by universities abroad because of our internationally oriented education programme. Our placement counsellor is always in touch with all the reputed foreign and Indian universities to decide for their regular visits to our campus. The presentations by foreign universities regularly give the students the advantage of selecting good universities.

Many foreign university directors, on a regular basis, visit our school campus to recruit the finest among our students. Internally, we have a set of experienced counsellors to guide our students in terms of applications processing and screening of universities. Besides this, our students get valuable coaching after school hours for programmes like the SAT as an option with reputed agencies.


Scholarship awarded as on date: USD 700,000. (Get an update from Ms. Divya) (Artwork will be shared at the time of Page Updation)

2020 - University Placements & Scholarship