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ABOUT Jayanagar Pre-School

A fresh and holistic approach

Are you looking for a reliable school where “Early childhood program” lays strong foundations for adulthood?

Early childhood is an important period in life that sets trajectories in the development of a child’s health, education, and wellbeing. Well, when it comes to preschool Activity centers in Bangalore, there is none better than Greenwood High Preschools in Bengaluru. We have our PSACs geographically located in and around within the city limits. You can choose the center depending on your residing area.

The holistic approach determines that one way of learning or activity sphere cannot exclude the others and that all of them are interconnected in a complex and nuanced way; hence it is essential to identify the existing links between them.

What children require today in schools is not just academic lessons. In pre-school education praxis the learning process is still divided into certain core areas with emphasis on the integrated approach. Holistic development essentially means the development of intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities in a child so that he or she can face the demands and challenges of everyday life. Experiences, positive or negative, during this period have long-lasting effects. A Child’s early years are critically important, for they provide the foundation for rest of the individual’s life, both as an adolescent and as an adult.

Greenwood High
Greenwood High

Every child is unique. He or she has her unique personality traits, interests, preferences, values, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses.

A schooling system that helps a child understand and value emotions, while teaching him or her how to build up a healthy and functional relationships as well as develop resilience and team spirit is the true form of education.

Such a system boosts the morale of a student so that they can go on to attain greater heights in their careers while becoming upstanding citizens of the society who contribute to the growth and development of the country. Hence, a fresh and holistic approach is of utmost importance right from the beginning of school-going years.