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The school cafeteria is committed to ensure that the nutritional needs of tender and growing students are met in a practical and efficient manner. That is why the school provides meals which are planned by nutritionists and prepared by highly qualified professional chefs, under the direction and supervision of an experienced Senior Chef.

To further improve the efficiency of the system, the cafeteria is a separate building with two floors to accommodate 900 children at a time. Kindergarten and primary level students are served on the ground floor. Middle and secondary level students partake in the buffet on the first floor.

Greenwood High
Greenwood High

Variety of healthy and nutritional options are made available for all the meals. The cafeteria starts in the morning, serving breakfast to all the children, teachers and administrative staff. The premises are cleaned round the clock and maintained to the highest hygienic standards. To supervise students during lunchtime, a teacher is appointed for monitoring each table. Children are trained to keep themselves clean and display correct dining manners. Reverse Osmosis systems for purifying drinking water are available across the campus.

The cafeteria team produces delicious pastries, desserts, snacks, specialty breads such as whole wheat bread /multigrain bread / brown bread/ ragi bread / bran bread and many more. Menu on offer include different cuisines such as Indian / South Indian / Continental / Italian etc.

The menu is changed every month by the food committee which comprises of student representatives, the administrative staff, the cafeteria manager and the principal.

For the rightfully concerned parents, eager to know what their children partake during the course of a school day, effort is made to feature a sample menu on the school website for easy dissemination.