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Annual Day 2019 – 2020

Dogs can never speak the language of humans, and humans can never speak the language of dogs. While many dogs can understand almost every word humans say, humans seldom learn to recognize more than half a dozen barks, if that. And barks are only a small part of the dog language. A wagging tail can mean so many things. Then there are the snuffling and sniffing, the pricking of ears—all meaning different things.

Such is the magic of a dog. A dog is often referred to as a loyal pet, man’s best friend, an affectionate companion. But KG took this lovable creature to a whole new level with their musical – “101 Dalmatians” which was the theme for Annual Day 2019-20. It was a fun and age appropriate adaptation of the original play. We had a splendid display of dramatics, music and choreography with vivid costumes and ample stage props. The little ones held their own and through it all we learned a very important thing- Those who teach us most about humanity aren’t even humans.