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Ashvik Mishra from Grade 8 – IGCSE awarded “The Most Outstanding Delegate” in International MUN 9.0

Ashvik Mishra, from Grade 8D from IGCSE, has recently participated in the International MUN 9.0 conducted online. There were around 500 delegates hailing from 45 countries across the world. “I was one of the youngest delegates present over there and have represented the Delegate of Singapore in the WHO Committee. I am happy to share that I have received ‘The Most Outstanding Delegate’ Award.”

Ashvik, explaining his experience, “This was a very interesting MUN as it was an online MUN which accommodated 500 delegates from 45 countries. There were 80 to 90 delegates in our committee. I was really scared as I was one of the youngest delegates presents, with some delegates in high school or college, doing their masters or even having jobs. I did not know anyone. I had to lobby or recruit more than 35 delegates as we had formed a bloc, which is a group of countries, when conflicts arose. To coordinate with people in different time zones, I had to work till early mornings which made me kind of sleep deprived and got me dark circles which, my mom did not like at all. Getting the resolution which, I proposed to be agreed on and passed, proved to be a challenge.

International Model United Nations (IMUN) brings people together from across the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds where the Executive Board, International Press, and International Delegates consolidate to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. The delegates gain insight into the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets.

It offers a huge opportunity to debate issues that confront world leaders, to draft resolutions in response to the global issues and work with others who are equally motivated and passionate about the topics of debate. The longevity and dynamic that only a conference of our size can achieve, make IMUN one of the pre-eminent simulations of UN in the world.

He further adds, “I think MUNs are a very good experience. I learned how to deal with nasty remarks and criticism while keeping my dignity intact. Sometimes the situation makes it look and feel like politics which even makes it fun. It also helped improve my interaction with people I do not know. To conclude, I would recommend others to take part in MUNs whenever possible.”