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Shraddha Somanath

Shraddha (SILVER), Saee (GOLD), Thesanya (BRONZE)
Shraddha Somanath,UKG  has won the Silver Medal in the Under-5 Girls Category of the   Asian School Chess Championship 2013 which was held in Citrus Hotel,Hikkaduwa, SRI LANKA, 30th August to 6th September 2013.

More than 385 children from 15 countries took part in this mega event.

Shraddha  scored 5 points from 7 rounds and tied for the first place with Saee Patil from Maharashtra,India. After first tie break score was equal then in the second tie break score Saee Patil  won the title. Shraddha secured the second place and won Silver Medal. Shraddha  was 1 point from 3 rounds but she made a  great comeback in the tournament by winning the remaining 4 rounds and pulled down all the players who were in lead and made upset results and finally tied for the first place. Thesanya K M Methuli of Sri Lanka secured the bronze medal.

On the concluding the Asian schools  Blitz Chess Championship was also held in the afternoon  after classical chess. In the Blitz chess Championship too Saee patil of India won the title with 5 points from 5 rounds  and won gold medal. Shraddha Somanath secured the second place with 4 points and won silver medal again . Gamage B.G.Pethmi Wimansa  of Sri Lanka  secured third place with 3 points from total 5 rounds and won Bronze medal.