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August’2020 Newsletter


The month of August has been rife with excitement for Team Kindergarten.

As we keep pace with the changing times, we’ve been adapting new and interesting ways of teaching our younger audience like fun games, role play, and interactive sessions. Our inquiry-based learning system ensures that the children remain active and involved while learning.

Our tots from Early Years have engaged in tons of activities this month that highlight the importance of being healthy. Their ability to comprehend and focus have grown in leaps and bounds.

The KG 1 children have kept themselves busy learning about transportation. They’ve been doing hands-on activities to inculcate a strong foundation in reading while also developing their fine motor skills. They’ve also been learning ways to be independent.

The children from senior KG have been making great progress in reading, writing, and building a solid foundation in core concepts that are requisite to be grade ready. Learning about internal organs has definitely piqued their curiosity.

Our extra-curricular activities are designed to give children that much-needed brain break so as to energize their body and relax their minds. It is a matter of joy and pride to see our children grow and transform into capable, communicative, and independent beings. Our children look forward to each day with great gusto and so do we. When learning is fun there’s never going to be a boring day!

Here at Greenwood High, we believe in leaving nothing to chance. Which is why we’ve been continuously striving towards creating, modifying, and implementing a program that not only reflects the ethos of our school but also caters to the overall development of the child.