Ayush Srinivas from Grade 10-A & His Summer Initiatives

I am generally interested in programming, where I have even done Java and Python courses but find myself coding just to have fun. As I was tinkering around with code, I came across Dart and Flutter framework which allows one to write a mobile app that is portable across iOS and Android. I started looking […]

Greenwoodite Riddhima Srivastava from Grade 3A is now a Certified Game Developer

Yes, you heard that right! Greenwood High is really proud to share that one of our Grade 3 children, Riddhima Srivastavahas been issued a Certified Game Developer Certificate. She has been pursuing coding curriculum with WhiteHat Jr during the lockdown. Riddhima, hereby, shares her experience in designing and creating the app. “Being my first app, […]

Social Service Experience during COVID – 19

After 10 days of lockdown, I began to crave for a slice of pizza or a bottle of coke. What I wouldn’t give for an evening at the arcade with friends. However, a call of help from our maid describing the terrible state her family was in shook me up. It made me realize that […]

10 Fantastic Benefits of Studying in an International School

The International School in Bangalore is certainly getting a lot more popularity. Parents are always thinking about their kid getting to study there because of the benefits it brings into play. Below mentioned are a few of the benefits you will be getting through your admission to an international school in Bangalore, check it out:  […]

6 Reasons Why Preschool Is Good for Your Child?

We all want our children to find the right path with which they can achieve success. For this, we need to make sure that they have a strong base in their education which can give them a lot of growth and learning opportunities. To start with, we must make our kid get admitted to preschool […]

10 good reasons your child should attend preschool?

Are you thinking about getting your kid admitted to the best preschool in Bangalore? You must find the right school to avail the best facilities. Below mentioned are few of the reasons that will completely convince you why you need to make sure that your child gets admitted to preschool before at all costs, check […]