IGCSE or CBSE? Which syllabus has better future prospects?

Opting for the right board for education becomes the main concern for parents. Regardless of education, parents are trying hard to facilitate their little ones with the best quality education. Making the right decision with opting for the right board plays a major role in student’s bright career. Another biggest challenge is whether the student […]

How to manage stress during the lockdown – interview by students

Vaishnavi Kumar and Ira Rasam of Grade 11 conducted a short interview with Dr. Guruprasad about techniques on how to manage stress during the lockdown, how to maintain health even at home, misconceptions about masks and much more. Visit this link for the interview: https://www.biodomeorg.com/covid-19

Greenwood High Students Initiative

Here’s a spotlight on an initiative started by Greenwood High students to help provide students a fun way to stay productive while being quarantined! Their platform, Quarantine Learning, offers free classes in subjects like Art, Python, Guitar, Card Tricks, and Rubik’s Cubing. 10th grade students Sampreeth Immidisetty, Aryan Jain, Pranav Karthik, Prisha Jhala, Harshita Ranjan, […]

Out of the box parenting ideas for teaching outside classrooms

You cannot learn and become a skilled person at one go. There is a step by step methods and learning needed to acquire the same. There are loads of things that children will come to learn and gain knowledge outside of the classroom. This is about making them understand life outside the classroom environment. Greenwood […]

Everything you ought to know about the IGCSE programme by Cambridge

IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The programme is a 2year old course specifically set for marked and certificated examinations from the University of Cambridge. Any students who opt for IGCSE subject will be acquiring the qualification which will be recognized worldwide. There are established qualifications that will be working hand […]

Keeping your child engaged after school is easier now, but How?

Children have loads of energy. Whether it is the preschoolers or the teenagers, everybody is filled with so much enthusiasm, zest and zeal. When children come back from school, it is of no surprise that they want something to do and want you to help them understand what is it. Keeping up with constant energy […]

Striking the right balance between digital and physical worlds.

In the world of the 21st century, the advent of technology has been upgrading with every passing moment. With a blink of an eye, the world has changed from computers to laptops to smartphone-addicted people. Children have been too much drawn and been focused on technological literacy. It will not be wrong to say that […]

What is the best school in Bangalore around Sarjapur Road?

Selecting the best school will give your child the kind of head-start that they need to excel in their life. Reputed schools not only focus on providing the best education to its students but also focus on providing them extra-curricular activities that help to have an all-round development of the students. Selecting the Best school […]

Which are the international schools in Bangalore?

Education is the key to success for all. Anyone who wishes to create a better future for their children must be on p when it comes to selecting the best International school in Bangalore. It is not as much of an easy task that you make out to be. In most cases, you would have […]

What are the Merits of Studying in an ICSE school?

The primary duty of selecting the school lies with the parents. But, in these competitive times, it is not enough to select the best school; you will have to think bigger. You will also need to decide on the board as well. You may feel that any good international school in Bangalore with either IB […]