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Avani Prashanth, No.1 Golfer In India under 11-13 years heads to the USA to participate in the US Kids Golf World Championship scheduled to be held on July 2019

Avani Prashanth of Grade 7 had a very good run in the IGU (Indian Golf Union) National Golf Championships in the last 7 months. She played in 7, won 5 and finished 2nd and 3rd in 1 each and is currently the No.1 golfer in India in Category C girls (11-13 years).

In 2019, she has won 3 out of 4 tournaments she played in and in the tournament she finished 2nd, she started with a 5 stroke deficit on the last day and bridged the deficit to 2 strokes. She won 3 tournaments with a healthy margin of 9,2 and 24 strokes.
She now heads to the US for the U.S Kids Golf World Championship end of July!