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Become Your Child’s Best Friend

You know that you’re not going to see them every day. There is no dropping them to the bus stop or waiting for them to return. But you know they are in safe hands. That’s why you chose the school. They might be away from you during the most important part of their lives – their formative years – but who says you still can’t be a part of it.

Sure, they are going to experience several new things – restrictions that are a lot different from the ones you’d set, personal development and grooming, preparing for exams without the comfort of a mother’s midnight beverage, and even coping with homesickness. All these factors affect a child’s education.

And that is precisely why it is wise to become involved, in whatever way possible, in their academic life. At an early age, it is a simple process – home-learning activities can be easily arranged, a parent can help out with homework, and even make up study games. But what can you do if your child is away, left to figure out the intricacies of physics and chemistry by himself?

This is where you have a chance to become involved in such a way that your child finds the confidence he needs to study well, and achieve his pre-determined goals. You can do this in many ways. Allowing and encouraging your child to solve his own problems by seeking the advice of his teachers, visiting him from time to time (but not too frequently), emailing him words of encouragement, are some ways you can be involved indirectly in his education. Communication is always healthy, and you can put it to good use when it comes to addressing even the smallest problems that he might be facing at school.

Does he worry about where he wants to be 5, 10, 15 years from the present? Address these concerns with a level head, keeping in mind that he does have mentors around him who can support him, apart from you. Remember, the reason he is studying far away from home is so that he realises the need to be independent at an early age. So, be a guide. Help him in his decisions instead of influencing him to carry out the vision you have for him.

Your help means the world to your child, no matter how small and no matter where you are. He already has wings. He just needs the encouragement and the strength to use them. And once he takes flight, you know you’ve been your child’s best friend.