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Out of the box parenting ideas for teaching outside classrooms

You cannot learn and become a skilled person at one go. There is a step by step methods and learning needed to acquire the same. There are loads of things that children will come to learn and gain knowledge outside of the classroom. This is about making them understand life outside the classroom environment. Greenwood High School is also taking the initiative towards giving the best parenting tips/ideas to continue with their child’s learning experience at home.

What can you do as parents?

You child should feel a safe environment at home, using different methods and techniques to make them study at home. Let’s start with –

Maths Class

Many children are scared of mathematics, being it one of the most polarising subjects. Children might either love or hate it completely. Here is what you can do –

  • Indulge in cooking with them and measure the ingredients in terms of fractions
  • Seek help for expenditure or tallying bills
  • Help in making a budget
  • Playing business or money management games
  • Solving simple equations through Sudoku
  • Taking their help in objects needed for carpentry or home repair
  • Offering them origami projects that involves basic knowledge of geometry
  • Offering them the right amount of food for the family at a restaurant

There are the small things that you can look forward to for the enhancement in the basics. You can keep adjusting the difficulty level step by step.

Language Class

Children have the capacity of breaking down the basic structure of any language. And because of this, many of us are fluent in the language we grow up in. As per the study, children can immerse into learning 6 different languages. Here are some of the parenting tips/ideas –

  • Conversation on regular topics of interest
  • Narrating stories or incident in an engaging way
  • Ask them to read out to you any journal or recipe
  • Help them to read what they want to
  • Ask them to send handwritten letters or messages
  • Expose them to age-appropriate TV shows and films
  • Indulge in language games like crosswords and Scrabble
  • Ask their day in detail

Children in their early years then to be more expressive in verbal communication. Help them to indulge in the same and flourish in future.

Science Class

A child’s mind is filled with curiosity. This will help in the involvement of innovation. What could be better than involving your little ones in the world of science?

  • Encourage them to ask a question about anything
  • Offer them space to explore ideas on their own
  • Help them with everyday science things
  • Familiarising them with nature on picnics or outings
  • Supporting them with science experiments at home from their books
  • Necessary items needed for creating something for a science project
  • Exploring science in their favorite stories, TV shows or films
  • Telling them the stories behind important science discoveries

Your little one will have endless questions and ideas in their mind. They just need a push and daily engagement to encourage them to choose what is best for them. Every time you explore the unknown in their playful universe, you will acquire the phase of living your childhood as well.