Demystifying Satellite Imagery: Managing Green Cover – Book Publication


We are happy to share that Rahul Prabhu of Grade XII IB Diploma program – Greenwood High International Campus, Sarjapur, has published a book “Demystifying Satellite Imagery” that aims to democratize technical know-how of Satellite Imagery to help forest administrators, track and manage forest and green cover which is one of the most important tool […]

Cervical Cancer Awareness for the Female staff

In its relentless pursuit to create awareness and disseminate relevant information toward the overall physical well-being of its staff- in this case, female staff – Greenwood High School chose a significantly momentous occasion to indulge in the critically important subject endeavor. What better occasion than International Women’s Day to extend invaluable support to the female […]

Fun and Educational: List of Rhyming Words for Kids in English

In this article we are explaining in detail about rhyming words for kids is important, enhancing language skills and creativity. Will make learning fun with engaging activities and effective tips to boost rhyming abilities. Hence, check FAQs for valuable insights into teaching this essential skill. Introduction: The rhyming words play an important role in children’s […]

Tips and ideas to write Best friend Essay for students

In this blog, we present the capture of the nature of your best friend essay by delving into shared memories, highlighting unique qualities, and expressing gratitude. Structure the essay with a compelling introduction, chronological anecdotes, and a reflective conclusion. Invest emotions through vivid language, emphasising the impact of your friend on your life. Understanding the […]

How to calculate Percentage To CGPA?

Let us talk about converting a percentage to CGPA effortlessly by dividing the percentage by 9.5, as CGPA is on a scale of 10. To convert CGPA to percentage, multiply the CGPA by 9.5, providing a quick and accurate transformation. Our guide simplifies the process, ensuring easy and precise conversions between percentage and CGPA. Understanding […]

The Discovery of Zero: Unveiling the Origins and Significance

In this guide, we have explored the charming journey of zero, tracing its roots from ancient civilizations to its important role in contemporary mathematics. This insightful blog reveals the evolution and significance of zero, shedding light on its historical origins and how it has become a cornerstone in modern mathematical frameworks. It tells in dip […]

Disadvantages of Junk Food: Understanding the Risks to Your Health

In this blog, we will talk about the harmful effects of Junk food, while consuming junk food poses considerable health risks, contributing to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. The high levels of trans fats, sodium, and added sugars in processed snacks and fast food can lead to high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, and an […]

List of 30 Pulses in India with Pictures

Introduction We often overlook at their existence in our dishes while we savor the whole, but has been a part of our diet for many years, these are ‘Pulses’. A pulse is defined as an edible seed from a legume plant. Pulses include beans, lentils, and peas that have various health benefits both for human […]

Difference Between ICSE and CBSE- Detailed Analysis

Introduction The debate and decision on whether to choose the ICSE or CBSE syllabus is not only on the information that has been grasped, but also misconceptions, lack of information, or misunderstandings with one syllabus over the other. The selection depends on factors like individual preferences, aspirations, further studies, or career choices. While both of […]

List of National Symbols of India with Pictures

Introduction India is a country that is renowned for its diverse yet rich cultures and heritage on the world stage. Such representation needs a symbol that has the power to echo diversity effectively. Such a symbol should be able to echo the narration about the nation as soon as it appears. The rich fabric of […]