How to Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style

Every child is unique, and so is their learning process. Children observe, understand and process information in different ways. Although this is predominantly based on their genes, however other factors like home and school environments also influence their learning methods. Whatever method or style they follow, it’s important for you to identify them to strengthen […]

Playing Sports and Staying Active can help your Child Academically – Find out how

As parents, we strive hard to provide our children best of education and other necessities in order to ensure their bright future. We send them to the best schools, encourage their passions and interests, and extend our support during challenging moments. However, if you observe closely, we Indian parents value academics above everything else. Scoring […]

Why ICSE Board and Why Greenwood

In India, particularly in Bangalore, there are numerous options when it comes to schools.Choosing the right school for your child can be daunting, yet it cannot be overlooked as your kids’ future is at stake. Before shortlisting schools, let’s understand how the education system works in India. Currently there are three mainstream board systems namely […]

6 Things parents should know before sending kids to school

Sending your little one to school may bring about a range of emotions, not only for the child but for your entire family. As your little angel reaches this milestone, you may feel emotional as they would be spending more time out of your home and in somebody else’s care. However, going to school is […]

Wear a seat belt. Do the right thing.

There are more than 50 lakh vehicles plying on Bangalore’s roads today. At any point during the day, there is always a traffic jam in some part of the city. And given this situation, it isn’t hard to figure out that at any given point in time, at least two vehicles are getting into a […]

The importance of counseling at school

“There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding.” Erik Erikson (1902-1994) Introduction The mental health of every child is unique and  each one of them has their own world of imagination.  While most of us have gone through different mental states during our formative years,  we still fail to […]

Learning that Goes Beyond Teaching

As Albert Einstein rightly puts it, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think”. Over the years, education has gone through a revolution of sorts. There has been an immense transformation of education with the introduction of technology and new approaches to learning that has altered the conventional purpose […]

The hand that rocks the cradle can build the future of a nation

March 8th is regarded as the International Women’s day, then why do we need to celebrate another day dedicated to the girl child? We explore… India is a country known for its designated share of respect for women. In religious scriptures, we take woman as the symbol of highest power, for example, ‘Shakti’ in Hindu […]

National Youth Day- Celebrating the power of youth!

December 12th is marked as the ‘National Youth Day’ by the government of India to celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the day holds a lot of importance for the youth of India ‘’I have faith in my country, and especially in the youth of my country. My hope is in you. With an […]

Stepping Stones to Carve a Niche

Gone are the days when conventional courses like Engineering and Medicine were considered the best options for students. Today there are a wide range of innovative and lucrative educational courses to choose from-Be it architecture, communications, advertising, interior design- choices are plenty. Students, soon after completing their Class 10 board exams have hundreds of vocational […]