The Girl Who Makes Us Proud Again!

The era of mushrooming startups and budding entrepreneurs has paved way for new, innovative ideas and unique business models. Youth today are ditching the corporate rat-race to give wings to their niche ideas and become their own boss. This positive growth begins from the roots – ‘’education’’. Our innovative way of imbibing strong ownership values […]


Greenwood High invites you to participate and witness the Second Edition of Bangalore’s most esteemed quiz competition for schools. We look forward to play the host to last year’s victors and to a renewed contest with new contestants, all vying for the top place in this monumental quiz programme. Claim your place among the most […]

#GWHCares – A little joy you share that shows how much you care!

Family plays an important role at every stage of our lives. And as we age, there is nothing better than being surrounded by the love and affection of our family members, especially grandchildren. The bond grandparents and grandchildren share is something special. For grandparents, it is all about reminiscing their past and narrating stories to […]

Cut that phone call. Just drive.

While the economy progresses, our lifestyles undergo a drastic change, and we chase success in everything we do; 24 hours in a day seems too less. We live in an age where time is money. And that’s why we are always hustling and bustling, pre-occupied with a million things. So, what is our idea to […]

Become Your Child’s Best Friend

You know that you’re not going to see them every day. There is no dropping them to the bus stop or waiting for them to return. But you know they are in safe hands. That’s why you chose the school. They might be away from you during the most important part of their lives – […]

The Journey To Excellence- Collaborating Learning and Teaching

The core goal of schooling is to educate for meaning and understanding. Teaching for meaning and understanding are flip sides of the same coin and can happen only when students and teachers interact, interpret, and share ideas and learning. Putting facts into larger contexts and authenticating the learning from school to real life is what […]

Reputation and Ranking: Does it really matter?

It is that time of the year when parents are relentlessly looking for educational institutions with the ‘best school’ tag on them. The debate on sending your child to a reputed school will always be a bone of contention for most parents. But, does it really pay to go to an elite school? Financially speaking, a […]


Little acts of kindness go a long way. Be it sharing your extra slice of bread with a little girl, or helping your neighbour’s grandfather cross the road. Small gestures of kindness and empathy can teach children to put themselves in the shoes of the less fortunate, and mould them into compassionate and righteous citizens. […]