Significance of games and activities for children?

In today’s world of advanced technology, children these days are missing out on the opportunities for the development of important skills that will serve them overall their life. The best international school in Bangalore helps the students in helping them play different sorts of games, without making use of any mobile electronic devices. The different sorts […]

Simple Tips to Develop Your Child’s Listening Skills

It becomes highly important for your little ones to acquire the best and enhanced listening skills since their childhood. As a parent, you ought to understand the validity and importance of listening comprehension skills. Today, the best CBSE school in Bangalore is here to enlighten the parent about the importance of listening comprehension skills. The children will […]

6 Healthy Habits to Encourage in Your Kids

Parents can help their children in the development of healthy habits early in life. The best school in Bangalore brings to you some lifelong habits. As a parent, you will have to encourage your little ones to learn good habits for the development of a healthier tomorrow. At Greenwood High, we believe in preaching for […]

4 Tips for Building Self Esteem in Childhood

Your self-esteem is how you feel about yourself and how important you think you are. It’s one of the most valuable things you can teach your child. All children will face challenges and also set-backs but children with healthy self-esteem are more resilient and more able to cope. Healthy self-esteem helps kids to: Stay positive and optimistic. Feel happy […]

Musical Messiah

Our mission has always been to educate the youth to be active, free-thinking who are socially responsible citizens, unlocking aesthetic and emotional apart from intellectual, moral, physical potential at the same time. One of the examples of our students being socially responsible and caring is when we got to know a team of Greenwood High International Sarjapur students who have come up with a […]

5 Small But Important Things To Observe In School?

The best school in Bangalore keeps in the record the best facilities for the well-being and proper education of the children. Becoming the second home, children need to interact with new people, communicate and also learn to come out of their comfort zone. The parents will also get to learn important factors leading to their […]

5 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Pre School?

Kids in their early age are keen to know and learn about new things. It is just the apt time to develop new minds. Admitting them to the best preschool becomes the best factor to make them learn and learn new things helping them to shape a new future. Preschool is the stance in life […]

7 Facts That Nobody Told You About ICSE School?

Parents have had a lot of dilemma in selecting which board of education will be the best for their children. And that takes up a lot of time and research. This is because both of the board of education have their set of strong positions which is hard to ignore. Coming to ICSE board, there […]

IGCSE or CBSE? Which syllabus has better future prospects?

Opting for the right board for education becomes the main concern for parents. Regardless of education, parents are trying hard to facilitate their little ones with the best quality education. Making the right decision with opting for the right board plays a major role in student’s bright career. Another biggest challenge is whether the student […]