Shloka Ashok of Grade 10 Founded Start-Up “InternMee”

Shloka Ashok from Grade 10 founded a start-up called “InternMee” to help high school students get internship, volunteer and leadership opportunities, free of cost. Shloka explains, “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the school management for nurturing my interest and for constantly supporting me in all my passion projects right from the oximeter […]

Mehul Tandon from Grade 9 got selected by Tedx Bangalore for his idea on our Cosmic Wasteland and had an opportunity to speak on that platform.

Let’s have a look at what Mehul has to share. Such a proud moment, Mehul. Keep it up! #GreenwoodHigh #InternationalSchool #TedXBangalore #CosmicWasteland #Knowledge #Ideate #BioChemistry #Astronomy #Cosmology Mehul Tandon speaks about Cosmic Wasteland on TedX Bangalore. With more than 27,000 pieces of space debris being tracked by space agencies like NASA and ESA, our […]

Abhimanyu Kapoor of Grade 10 publishes book “Lockdown Poetry”

Abhimanyu Kapoor of Grade 10 has successfully published his book “Lockdown Poetry” on Amazon. The book has received positive reviews of 4.8 out 5 and has even achieved a rank of 51st Best-seller in the Literature and Fiction in the Kindle store. Abhimanyu explains, “Lockdown Poetry is a short book comprising of ten poems written […]

Peer Tutoring Club

Jaanhavi and her classmates designed, and established a very thoughtful initiative – Peer Tutoring Club in school. Apart from her, there are Sahiti Padala, Vedant Narayanswami, Dhruv Arun Nair, Ishita Ladha, Keerthana Rajesh, Neelofar Sherief, Aadyant Anand, Priyansh Joshi, Mihir Milind, Halapeth, and Akshat Goyal from Grade 8 and 9 combined who came forward together […]