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Congratulations Ankith!

Ankith Ratakonda of Grade 12 has been working on a project called “The Teaching Brush” along with his classmates and other kids from Greenwood High. Ankith has the list of kids involved. FYI, it was mentioned in Times of India today (17th Sep, 2019).

The goal of the initiative is to brightens up the barren, rundown walls of India’s government schools with murals of educational content. These murals are in the central high-traffic areas of the school where the children will be able to see them multiple times every day. They want to create a colorful environment and, at the same time, educate the children subliminally. We have accompanied the children many times to the schools, and they have a wonderful doing the project. The murals are extremely creative! Please take a look at the webpage below. They have done a fantastic job!