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Cut that phone call. Just drive.

While the economy progresses, our lifestyles undergo a drastic change, and we chase success in everything we do; 24 hours in a day seems too less. We live in an age where time is money. And that’s why we are always hustling and bustling, pre-occupied with a million things. So, what is our idea to ensure everything is on track: we multi-task. Everybody appreciates a person who can multi-task. However, knowing when to multi-task is perhaps more important. And driving is not one of those times.

It’s such a common sight to see people driving, one hand on the steering and the other holding a phone. And with so many obstacles coming in the way every second, it is quite remarkable how people can so confidently use their phones while driving. Sure, it might be that all important deal-clinching phone call, but clinching a deal at the cost of putting not just your life but the lives of everyone around you at risk… well, that deal can probably wait till you have parked your car off the road.

You might argue that you use a hands-free or Bluetooth device. But when you pick up that call, one of your five vital senses is already compromised. So, you can never fully concentrate on driving. The sad part about the whole thing is we know that it is a punishable offence to use the phone while driving. We also know that there are laws that prohibit mobile phone usage while driving. But, do we really need laws to enforce common sense.

The responsibility does not stop at the person who is behind the wheel. The person who called you is equally accountable. Remember, by continuing to talk to a person who is driving, you’re putting many lives at risk. So be responsible whether you’re driving or talking to a person who is behind the wheel. Cut that phone call. Save lives.