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Euphoria 2.0

On April 5, 2024, Greenwood High Sarjapur campus hosted “Euphoria-2” the biggest carnival
event of GWH at the turf ground of ICSE campus.

A performance stage at the middle of the ground and with over 50 game stalls and promotional
stalls, as well as 20 food stalls was set, as a large crowd was anticipated on the Friday evening.
As expected, approximately 15,000 visitors attended the event.

The carnival was open to both GWH parents and the public, featuring various engaging
activities, band performances, and dance shows throughout the day. The event’s highlights
included a Scary House, music bands, unicycle acts, traditional Karnataka Dollukunitha and
Kerela Chenda performances, and an exciting raffle with prizes like Electric Bike, iPhone,
Electric Bicycle, Sound Bar, and Refrigerator.

Visitors enjoyed the performances and sampled the delicious food from the diverse food stalls.
The children were delighted, with the event concluding with a spectacular surprise mashup dance
performance by hundreds of GWH students, stealing the show both on and off stage.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, and Greenwood High extends its gratitude to the
management, academic heads, organizing team, staff, students, and all attendees for their support
in making it a grand success.