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Ex-Greenwoodite Rohan Bhatia invents his own Gaming PC

Technology is a wonderful thing; it is used in everyday lives. Whether you want to wash your clothes, preserve food, automated electricity, etc. I always wondered how does the machine work.

My love for Gaming started when I was gifted a PS4 on my 9th birthday. I was then inspired to make a Gaming PC of my own and learn the nuances of hardware components that make this machine run.

My parents were way supportive of my plan. I was bursting with joy so the next two months I researched a lot about how the components work and which type of components to buy for the PC.

I looked up on YouTube for videos and also took help from my cousins who are in the same field. I was also given a budget and I can proudly say I didn’t go overboard. The budget planning involved looking up and comparing various websites which was another fun learning for me.

Once all the parts arrived, it took another week to put them together, of course I had to be very careful. Yes, I have faced lot of technical issues towards the end, however, I was successful to finally making it up and running.

The sole purpose of making this Gaming PC was not just for playing games but also learning technology and hardware in a fun way!