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Extempore Competition

Greenwood High Bannerghatta witnessed a thrilling display of oratory prowess as the highly anticipated High School Extempore Competition took centre stage. The event, held in the school auditorium, showcased remarkable speaking abilities of the participating students, leaving the audience in awe of their spontaneous eloquence and quick thinking.


The Extempore Competition attracted participants across grades 9 to 12 and was divided into two categories. Category 1 for grades 11 and 12, and Category 2 for grades 9 and 10. For each category, two students from each house – Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz were chosen. During the competition, each participant was eager to demonstrate their ability to think on their feet and articulate their thoughts coherently, within the limited time frame.


The event began with a prayer followed by an address by the school Principal Mr. Louis Dias, who provided the participants and student body with words of appreciation, encouragement and some advice. The competition featured a diverse range of topics, ranging from social issues to the need for sustainable fuels to personal challenges faced by the competitors, contesting the participants to form coherent arguments and deliver persuasive speeches for two minutes, with only two minutes of preparation. The contestants exhibited remarkable confidence and poise as they grappled with the complex subject matter.


The panel of esteemed judges – Ms. Pooja Shyam, Ms. Sikha Sharma, and Ms. Himika Devnath, meticulously evaluated each participant based on their delivery, content, poise and confidence and ability to engage the audience. The competition was fierce, as each student demonstrated their unique speaking style, captivating the audience with their impressive command over language and storytelling abilities. All were awestruck with the performance and ability of the participants and the skill they exhibited during the competition. The judges shared words of wisdom at the end of the competition.


The event concluded with the Award Ceremony, where the winners were recognised for their exceptional performances. All the contestants and students were on the edge of their seats,anticipating the results. The winners were announced as follows:

In Category 1: The first prize was presented to Sanshray Kak, the first runner-up was Krishnendu Purohit, and the second runner-up was Ankita Padmanabh.

In Category 2: The first prize was given to Aadhira Ravishankar, the first runner-up was Aditya Sahu, and the second runner-up was Dhaatri Anil Kumar.

This was followed by a picture session for all the participants and winners to recognise their hard work, dedication and talent.


The Extempore Competition at Greenwood High not only showcased the extraordinary speaking talents of the students but also served as a reminder of the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who possess the ability to express themselves effectively, while skillfully tackling their anxiousness to speak in front of a large audience. As the event came to a close, with the Academic Dean Ms. Susan’s address, it left a lasting impression on the attendees, inspiring them to embrace the power of effective communication.