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The Girl Who Makes Us Proud Again!

The era of mushrooming startups and budding entrepreneurs has paved way for new, innovative ideas and unique business models. Youth today are ditching the corporate rat-race to give wings to their niche ideas and become their own boss. This positive growth begins from the roots – ‘’education’’. Our innovative way of imbibing strong ownership values and nurturing promising talents has enabled Nikita Agarwal, a Greenwood High alumnus, to realize her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Self-reliance is one of the most important skills of a successful entrepreneur. Born to a family of entrepreneurs, Nikita Agarwal sowed the seeds of her entrepreneurial skills at an early age.  She grew up seeing her father putting his effort into his business and that has inspired her to build her own ideas. She helped her father in running three restaurants and a Granite factory. Back then, she was only 16 and, along with her academics, she was helping her father effortlessly. In fact, she was an excellent student and being good at studies has enhanced her confidence level. ‘’I am a fashionista and I had a dream of my own’’, says Nikita. She recalls how a random chat with her classmate Umang helped shape her dream into reality. The result is the ‘Once Again Store’, a portal through which women can put their used designer clothes for sale.

According to Nikita, designer clothes are pretty expensive, but people get bored of them easily after wearing them for a few times. The ’Once Again Store’ is built around the concept that the style statement of a fashionista should not be repetitive. Users can sell their used branded clothes at subsidized rates, and use the money to buy trendy new ones. The portal is active since July, 2015 and it has been running successfully in 23 states across India! It has become very helpful for fashion enthusiasts, especially for those who always want to be in vogue and purchase designer clothes at affordable rates. Nikita’s idea is one of those very few in the segment and has got tremendous response from both the media and consumers.

Nikita is thankful to her family for providing her the right guidance, but she is forever grateful to Greenwood High for providing her the platform to be a strong, independent woman at a very early age. ‘’I have learned my basic business skills from the supervision provided by the teachers at my school and as I ended up topping the school, my confidence level has doubled up’’, says Nikita. Greenwood High is proud to have a student like Nikita and we wish all the best in her future endeavors. At Greenwood High, we believe in laying a foundation for our students upon which they can prove themselves to be stronger individuals. We always emphasize on fostering young, innovative ideas which can help in building a better future and contribute to an empowered society.