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Graduation Day

Gathered under the gleaming lights of the graduation ceremony on April 6, 2024; students, faculty, families, and esteemed guests celebrated the crowning achievement of the Class of 2024. With years of dedication and perseverance behind them, the atmosphere was charged with pride and nostalgia.

The event was graced by the Chairman of Greenwood High, the Board of Trustees, the leadership team, along with parents and family members of the graduates.

Dr. Ushy Mohandas, a distinguished motivational speaker, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. In a stirring address, Dr. Mohandas urged the graduates to boldly embrace their authentic selves as they ventured into the world beyond academia.

Echoing Dr. Mohandas’s call for courage, Mrs. Sheila Alexander, the Principal of the IB campus, commended the graduates on their remarkable journey and encouraged them to face the future with resilience and determination. Her words resonated deeply, instilling in the graduates a sense of compassion and purpose to serve as guiding principles for readiness in navigating life’s complexities.
The words spoken by the speakers acted as a strong reminder to the graduates that success goes beyond academic achievements; it also involves the capacity to adjust, develop, and make a positive impact on society.

With eloquence and grace, the valedictorian, Nidhi Iyengar captivated the audience with words of inspiration. Reflecting on the journey that had brought her to this moment, she expressed gratitude to all who had supported and guided her along the way. From family members who had provided unwavering love and encouragement, to the teachers who had challenged and inspired her to reach her full potential. Akshara Bhat, the Outstanding Graduate of the class, resonated the sentiments and acknowledged the profound impact that everyone had on her journey to success.

However, the most impactful message was delivered by Nidhi’s father, Mr. Iyengar. He openly expressed a parent’s apprehensions when selecting a school and ensuring their child receives adequate support. Mr. Iyengar commended Nidhi’s fellow graduates, emphasizing the transformative influence of education and the endless opportunities ahead.

Against a backdrop of enthusiastic applause, the graduates were called upon by the Career Counseling Team to collect their diplomas. Surrounded by cheering parents and teachers, each student crossed the stage while their names and achievements were recognized. Before this memorable moment, Mr. Nishanth, the Vice Principal of the IB campus, and Ms. Sasikala, the Associate DP Coordinator, bestowed awards for exceptional accomplishments to deserving students at the event.

The cultural program at the graduation day event showcased a range of lively dance performances and soulful music, creating a vibrant celebration of diversity and talent. It engaged the audience and paid homage to the graduating class’s multicultural roots and collective journey.

Ms. Kavya, the IBDP coordinator, expressed her gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event.

The ceremony, featuring moving speeches and heartfelt reflections, came to an end as the Class of 2024 stood together, appreciative of the support they had received and eager for the start of a new chapter in their lives!