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Greenwood High Alumnus Designs Technology to Fight Animal Poaching and Depression in Students

It is an exceptionally proud moment for all of us at Greenwood High when we learn about any and all achievements of our alumni, whether they are current or ex-students. A recent such proud moment happened when Anish Bhardwaj from the IBDP May 2016 batch proved his technical acumen by winning the runners-up positions in the Maruti Suzuki Technovation Challenge and the Hackathon organized by the US Embassy and the WWF.

Keep reading below to find out more about his ingenious inventions from Anish himself.

Project EAGLE-EYE (Image analysis system)

Runners-up in the Asia Pacific Region in the hackathon held by the US Embassy and WWF organization in India

“The system was developed so as to stop poachers from entering restricted areas and warn park officials when this would happen, by using OpenCV and the PIL library to create a system which could analyze images by breaking them down and comparing them to the base image. The project used basic machine learning to create a self-sufficient algorithm that would grow as it was used more and more often.”

Project DADCARES (Depression Analysis Device)

Runners-up in the Maruti Suzuki Technovation Challenge Colors of Youth

“This project is a scanning system that will use student’s assignments and the analysis of the subconscious mind to detect the level of depression, stress or anxiety in the students, by focusing on at least one of the areas in handwriting including grammar, depth into paper, stroke-style, gradient, spacing, etc. The reason for pursuing this project is so that clinical depression and anxiety can be diagnosed early in students and they can be given the help they need.”

Congratulations Anish! We hope to see much more amazing things from you in the future.