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Greenwood High International School won the ICA Inter School Trophy in both Boys and Girls Section of the Karnataka State Under-13 FIDE Rating Chess Championship held from 18th to 20th June 2013 at Redbridge International Academy, Bangalore.

207 students from different school s  of the Karnataka State took part in this championship.

Top 4 players scores from a school decided the ICA Inter School winners and runners up trophies in the championship.

Reetish Padhi  of  7 D( 6.5 points), Rohan Jaggi  of 7 D ( 6.5 points), Pritam Dash of 7 D (6 points) and Ritvik Kona  of 6 A  (5.5 points)  made Greenwood High to win the  Inter School  winner’s Trophy in the Boys section. Delhi Public school won the runners up trophy.

Vishesh Agarwal (6 C), Dhiren Rajesh (7 B), Zain Muhammad (6 C), Harsh Deep (8 B) Sidaarth Santhosh   (6 D), Siddharth Shivakumar (6 A) and Varun Agarwal (6 F) also took part in the Championship

Sahana Shivaramakrishnan of 6 B ( 6 points), Adya Singh  Singh of  7 B ( 6 Points ), Prachi dayal of of 2 C   ( 4.5 points) and Danya Sri of  8 C  (4 Points)  made Greenwood High  to win the Inter School winner’s Trophy  in the Girls section. National Hill View Public School won runners up trophy.

Anjali Parthasarathy (6 D), Prisha Dayal (5 B), Mahika Bhatnagar (6 D) and Sneha Santhosh (2 I) also took part in the championship.

Apart from winning Trophy for the school, Sahana Shivaramakrishnan and Adya Singh won Individual prizes also in the State championship.