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Greenwood High Student Wins Gold Medal at State Taekwondo Championship

The Karnataka State Taekwondo Championship, organized by the Karnataka Taekwondo Association (KTA), is a statewide competition that is open to students of all accredited Taekwondo coaches and academics. It was in this prestigious Taekwondo compeition, that Greenwood High 9th grader (IGCSE) Arnav Jabulee managed to win a gold medal in the growp cadet boys’ pumsae category along with a bronze in the individual cadel boys’ pumsae catergory.

However, this isn’t Arnav’s sole foray into the world of competitive Taekwondo Championships. He has also previously clinched 2 gold medals at the 1st All India Open National Taekwondo Championship 2018 held in Goa. He has also attained his first Dan Taekwondo black belt earlier this year through a program officially recongized by the Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI).

We couldn’t be more proud of our young Taekwondo Champ! Go, Arnav; we wish you achieve many, many more victories to come, in whatever field you choose to purse.