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Greenwood High  won the Best School trophy in the  2nd HSM memorial Open Rapid Chess Tournament conducted by ICA which was held on 18th June 2017 at SCASE ,Bengaluru.  More than 300 Students from different schools   took part in this tournament. Yash Jayesh Ladha won the Under 11 boys title  and Shraddha Somanath won the Under 9 Girls Titles Respectively. The following greenwood High  students won the Individual Prizes:

UNDER 7 BOYS: Pranav Mekaraj (2 I) secured 3rd place.
UNDER 9 GIRLS: Shraddha Somanath (4H)  secured  First Place, Anoushka Datta(4B) secured 5th Place.
UNDER 9 BOYS; Ridhyan Gupta (3C) secured  3rd  place
UNDER-11 BOYS: Yash jayesh Ladha (4H) secured First Place.Saket Singh (4C) secured 2nd place.
UNDER-11 GIRLS:  Aashi Agarwal (6B) secured 2nd place.
UNDER-14 BOYS: Abhinav Saraf(7) secured 3rd place

The other students   of Greenwood High who took part in the tournament  are as follows;
Under-7:Sanjeevani Kankani,Harnidh Singh, Anagha  datta avadhani, Sannidhi suresh, avidh Gupta, Aryaman.
Under-9: Aahan Sarin, Ishan Mukherjee, Nikita Nale, Tanhee Nagaich,Avyay Anand,Vaibhav Singhania, Tanrika Sajjan, Shruthi Praveen, Dhyana Vasavada, Gaura Solanki, Aviti Mohanty, Tanisha Gupta, Dhwani Vasawada, Anivart Prakash.
Under-11: Shubh Jayesh Laddha, ujjawal paul, Yashika Bharadwaj, Aditya Devarakonda, Vrinda Aggarwal.
Under-14: Sparsh Gupta, Pranav Sai Palaka, Pranav Vishnu.

Anya Seth Syed ( Grade 6 C)  participated in the following tournaments during holidays.

1. Candor International Open FIDE tournament – She stood second in below 1200 rating category and won a cash prize of Rs 5000/-
2. BRDCA Under 1600 – She stood first in the Under 12 category and came first amongst women across ages. She won a trophy.
3. Karnataka State Under 13 in Hassan – She had 7 points out of 9 .
4. Karnataka State Under 11 in Udupi – She stood 4th in the State of Karnataka .She was on table 1 in the last round and was fighting for the first position.She drew the game and her ranking came to 4th due to the bucchholtz System . She won a cash prize of Rs 2000/- and a Trophy.

She has gained close to 200 points in her rating too. Anya  now has FIDE rating of  1333 .

Following the Elder sister footsteps. Kyra Seth Syed of Grade 1 E took part in the Karnatake State Under 7 tournament and she came 15th. She won a trophy.