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Greenwood High won the Best School Trophy in the Children Chess Tournament conducted by Bengaluru Chess Center on 2nd October 2015 at Vijayangar 2nd Stage,Bengaluru,Greenwood High won many prizes in the tournament.

In the Under-7 Girls Category Shraddha Somanath (Grade 2) got First Place by Scoring 5 points from 5 Rounds. Shraddha Balaji (Grade 2) and Suhani Choudhary (Grade 2) who scored  4 points each secured 3rd and 4th Place.Shanza Nizar(Grade 2)and Tanrika Sajjan (Grade 1) who scored 3 points each secured  7th and 8th Place. Gaura Solanki (Grade 1) Samhita.B.S. (Grade 1) Saanvi Ram (Grade 1) and  Radhika Vivek nair (Grade 1) have secured  9th,  10th, 11th, and 15th Place respectively.

In the Uner-7 Boys Category Suraj Bhat (Grade2) Scored 4.5 points and secured 3rd Place. Vasant.C(Grade 1), Yash Abhijit Patil( Grade1) Ridhyan Gupta (Grade1) scored 4 points each and secured 4th,5th and 6th Place respectively.Kumar Samyak (Grade 2) , Rahul Senthil (Grade 1),Abhimanyu Verma (Grade 1) Aaarush Verma (Grade 2)  Nishanth.S (Grade 2) Siddharth Goyal (Grade 2) have scored 3points each and based on their tie break Scores Secured 8th,10th,11th,13th,14th and 15th place respectively.Aarvav Bansal(Grade 1)andSrijan mandal (Grade 1) and Sreeram .C.k( Grade 1) have secured 20th,24th and 31st Place respectively.

In the Under-9 Girls Category Harshika Arul (Grade 3), Anya Syed Seth (Grade 4) and Zoya Nizar (Grade 4) have scored 4 points each from 5 rounds and secured 2nd ,3rd and 5th Place respectively. Aashi Agarwal (Grade 4), Pakhi Raparia (Grade 4),Riya.N.Desai (Grade 4)Mahati.V.Shastri (Grade 3) Ishita Ladha (Grade 3) and Yashika Bharadwaj (Grade 4) have scored 3 points each and secured 8th, 9th 11th,13th,14th and 15th Place respectrively. Anjali Ganesh,Shrinidhi.R and Vrinda Agarwal are the other participants.

In the Under-9 Boys Category Srivishnu.V (Grade 4), Saket Singh (Grade 3) and Sahil Sindiri (Grade 3 have scored 5 points each and secured 2nd ,3rd and 4th Place respectively.Aarav Sharma, Mayank Shekar(Grade 4) Vedant Chowdhary (Grade ) Mukul.N.Kumar (Grade 3) and Varun.M.Senthil (Grade 4) have scored 4 points each and secured 7th,9th,12th,13th and 16th Place respectively.Dhruv Reddy, Anish.V,Ishan Bose, Mithun.L, Tanay Jain, Rohan Sumukha, Anees Mamidi, have scored 3 points each. Vedant Narayan, Likith Reddy, Metla Sai Raghav, Ameesvar.G.V, Jashan.N, and Anesvar are the other participants from Greenwood High.

In the Under-11 Girls Category Prachi Dayal (Grade 4)Scored 3 Points and secured the 4th Place. Prarthana Bhat (Grade 4) Secured 10th Place.

In the Under-11 Boys Category Pranav Ram of IGCSE scored 5 points from 5 rounds and got First Place. Shreyas Singh (Grade 5) who scored 3.5 points secured 6th Place.


Shraddha Somanath


Shraddha Balaji



Suhani Choudhary

In the Sri. M.N.Krishnarao Memorial Chess Tournament held at Mysore on 27th September 2015, Greenwood students who took part performed well.

Suhani Choudhary (Grade 2) and Shraddha Somanath(Grade 2) along with two other Mysore Players tied for the first place in the Under-7 Girls Category. Suhani Secured the First place and Shraddha Secured 4th place based on their tie break Scores. Ridhyan Gupta got  Prize for best Youngest performer.

Ishita Lada (Grade 3), Neil Shah(Grade 1) Abhimanyu Verma (Grade 1) Srijan Mandal( Grade 1), Ishan Chakraborty(Grade 1), Vrishav.V(Grade 1) and Vishesh Agarwal(Grade 8 IGCSE) are the other students who took part in the Mysore Chess Tournament.