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Greenwood High International School has won the A.R.A memorial Chess tournament conducted by Little Flower Public School on 14th and 15th December 2018. Greenwood High won both Girls and Boys Title respectively. Sri Aurobindo Memorial School Secured runners up position in both Boys and Girls Section. Totally 30 schools took part in this event.

In Girls Section Greenwood high top 3 Players totally scored 45 points from all the 3 categories and won the Title. Sri.Aurobindo memorial School top 3 players Scored 40.5 points and secured runners up position . In Boys section Greenwood High top 3 Boys totally scored 49 points from all the 3 categories and won the Title. Sri. Aurobindo Memorial School Scored 48 points and secured Runners up position.

The following Greenwood High Students won individual prizes in different Categories:

Category 1 Girls:
Nikita Nale (6 Points) – 1st Place
Tanirika Sajjan (5 points) – 2nd Place.

Category 2 Girls:
Shraddha Somanath (5 Points) – 4th place
Suhani Choudhary (5 points) – 5th Place

Category 3 Girls:
Zoya Nizar (5.5 points) – 1st Place
Anya Seth Sed (5 Points) – 3rd Place
Yashika Bharadwaj (5 Points) – 4th place
Aashi Agarwal (4.5 points) – 5th Place

Category 1 Boys:
Yash Abhijith Patil (6 points) – 2nd place
Ridhyan Gupta (5.5 points) – 5th place

Category 2 Boys:
Nishanth.S. Gowda (6 Points) – 2nd Place
Raghav Jaggi (5.5 points) – 4th Place
Yash.J.Laddha (5.5 points) – 5th Place

Category 3 Boys:
Shubh Laddha (6 points) – 2nd Place