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#GWHCares – A little joy you share that shows how much you care!

Family plays an important role at every stage of our lives. And as we age, there is nothing better than being surrounded by the love and affection of our family members, especially grandchildren. The bond grandparents and grandchildren share is something special. For grandparents, it is all about reminiscing their past and narrating stories to the kids, while for the grandchildren, there is nothing better in the world than the love and affection of grandparents. Grandparents can also be the best motivators and companions.

#GWHCares is an initiative taken up by the students of Greenwood High International School to show their care towards the elderly. At Greenwood High International School, we want our students to take part in initiatives through which they can learn important aspects of life. We want to cultivate the idea of sharing joy and one such way is to encourage them to take care of their grandparents when they grow old. #GWHCares is one of our initiatives through which we want to nurture the beautiful bond between children and their grandparents.

As part of the campaign, over 100 students of Greenwood High International School have recently visited Asha Jeevan, a home for the aged, at Bannerghatta Road. The residents of Asha Jeevan are senior citizens who are suffering from age-related physical and mental ailments. But, the more tragic fact is that most of them have been deprived of the care, love and affection they need at their age.

The students spent quality time with them, performing a cultural show and by sharing some light-hearted jokes. In return, the elders also got elated and showed their talents by doing a few dance moves and by humming songs with the students. ‘’Kids give you the most genuine and selfless love, we are very lucky to receive it today from the students of Greenwood High,’’ said N.K Murthy, a resident of Asha  Jeevan. <span “font-size:12.0pt;=”” line-height:115%”=””>Their tears of joy at the end of the program were proof that we, as a society, need to be more sensitive to the needs of the elderly. ‘’We are thankful to the children and school authority to take such a decision and show the kids the other side of the society,’’ said Sujata Bhat, Founder Trustee, Asha Jeevan.

#GWHCares, an initiative taken by the students of Greenwood High International School is clearly an eye opener for all of us to raise a concern towards our grandparents while they are still with us.