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GWHMUN 2022 took place amid great fanfare on 2nd, 3rd and 4th September. It had been 2 long years since students could come together like this. With carefully chosen 6 Committees of the United Nations, over 50 skilled Executive board members and Secretariat of over 10 students, the Greenwood High Model United Nations simulated the various bodies within the actual United Nations on our very own campus. Over 700 students from 15 schools participated in rigorous Debates, Research, formed Relationships, drafted Policies, learnt the art of Diplomacy and Negotiation over the extensive duration of 3 days spanning over a total of 20 hours of rigorous yet refined debate and discussion.

The event provided students with a platform to refine their diplomacy, meet like-minded peers and put themselves in uncharted territory, whilst making memories.

GWHMUN managed to recall past actions, analyze the current situation, discuss and debate on plaguing issues and use diplomatic negotiations to build a bright future in a tumultuous and ever-changing political world.

For more information, please visit our social media page- (@gwhmun.2022