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IGCSE or CBSE? Which syllabus has better future prospects?

Opting for the right board for education becomes the main concern for parents. Regardless of education, parents are trying hard to facilitate their little ones with the best quality education. Making the right decision with opting for the right board plays a major role in student’s bright career.

Another biggest challenge is whether the student wants to study in India or Abroad. The stream or subject of interest also helps in the selection of the board. The debate on which board is the best has been an evergreen topic for all. Greenwood High School showcases some of the elementary differences that will help you select which board will be a boon for better prospects.

Learning medium

CBSE is nationwide popular and affiliates to many schools. It offers the platform to both English and Hindi medium students to study. While valid on the global stands IGCSE deals with one medium and that is English.
Recognizing Authority

Recognized by Union Government of India, CBSE follows only NCERT curriculum all over India. IGCSE is certified by the University of Cambridge International examinations and recognized worldwide that emphasizes on student-centric education.

Approach and Focus Area

CBSE favours Entrance Exams for Engineering and Medical Courses. The learning format is traditional. They focus on learning the subject and being theoretical. There is a lack of practical approach and applications even in major science subjects.

On the other hand, IGCSE, it is completely student-centric and focused on knowledge, helping creative minds for learning. The syllabus is pretty demanding and the approach is completely focused on applications rather than learning theory only. The curriculum focuses on courses like International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the North American APT (Advanced Placement Test).

Subjects Difference Between CBSE and IGCSE

CBSE offers subjects in combinations called stream. A student could choose from their perspective only. Environment, Social study, SUPW and Languages are not a compulsory subject on this board. English is a compulsory subject in all three streams – Science, Commerce and Arts.

On the other hand, IGCSE has more than 70 subjects. Students can easily opt for the ones as per their wish. There is no bar in the stream or anything. Every subject has been specifically designed to learn global research and perspective.

Text and Reference Books

CBSE follows books by NCERT and reference books easily available in the market for this prescribed syllabus.
IGCSE does not have any other options of prescribed syllabus due to a demand of global perspective, so students can go for most recommended books for their subjects. There is a wide range of learning things the better way.


CBSE conducts AISSE (All India Secondary School Examination) and AISSCE (All India Senior School Certificate Examination) for 10th and 12th class respectively. IGCSE conducts Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 and 2.
Greenwood High helps you understand the basic difference between the boards and make a clear concept to help you in selecting the best board for future prospects.