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Greenwood High International School Celebrated the International Chess Day on 20th July 2015.  India’s Famous Chess coach International Master (IA), International Arbiter (IA) Rajaravisekhar was the Chief Guest for the function. He advised the Children about the Chess Game  and benefits of  Chess  in their life. He gave tips to improve their game.  He told he was happy to Visit Greenwood High and he appreciated the encouragement given to children to learn Chess from the age of 3 years where Chess is compulsory for all the Students. He honoured the Students who took part in the State Under-7 Chess championship 2015 held at Mandya.  He also played Simultaneous display with some of the Students.

The International Chess day is celebrated annually on July 20, the day the World Chess Federation (FIDE) was founded, in 1924.

The idea to celebrate this day as the international chess day was proposed by UNESCO and it has been celebrated as such since 1966, after it was established by FIDE.  FIDE, which has 186 chess federations as its members, organizes chess events and competitions around the world on this day. As recently as 2014, the international chess day was celebrated in most countries; the day is celebrated by many of the 605 million regular chess players around the world. A 2012 Yougov poll showed that “a surprisingly stable 70% of the adult population has played chess at some point during their lives”. This number holds at approximately the same level in countries as diverse as the US, UK, Germany, Russia, India.

This day is celebrated globally with professional and amateur chess tournaments, seminars and lectures aimed to promote the most intelligent of all sports. FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov wishes all chess lovers to celebrate this day. He advises chess lovers to arrange the black-and-white chess pieces on their chess boards and play with their friends and relatives as often as possible and to teach their children the subtleties of this ancient game. He also appeals to them to take an active part in various chess events organized by local chess clubs, to come and play in amateur tournaments and to attend professional chess competitions. Thus we shall not only keep the elegant tradition of chess but make chess the most popular sports in the world!

Gens una sumus! We are one family!


Mr Rajaravisekhar on stage with children

Mr Rajaravisekhar playing with students