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Investiture Ceremony at Greenwood High School

Investiture Ceremony gwh (1)
Investiture Ceremony gwh (1)

The investiture ceremony held on Wednesday, 31st January 2024, was a momentous event that marked the official transfer of responsibilities to the newly appointed junior prefects of Grades V, VIII, IX, and XI. The ceremony took place on the school field and was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Mr. Louis J Dias, the Principal, and Ms. Susan Roy Thomas, the Dean of Academics. Noteworthy was the presence of Mr. Ajay Sreenivas, Sr. Manager Administration, who brings valuable experience from a defence background.

The ceremony commenced with an air of patriotism as the national flag was hoisted, followed by a salute of both outgoing and incoming council members. Mr. Louis J Dias and Ms. Susan Roy Thomas then presented badges to the prefects, signifying the trust and responsibility vested in them. A total of 30 student leaders from Grades V and VIII officially assumed their roles, ready to contribute to the school’s growth and development. The newly elected body of the high school comprised of 13 members including the school captain, two vice captains and house prefects. Also, the badges of responsibilities were handed over to the 08 members of the different committees of high school.

A poignant moment unfolded as the outgoing school captain, vice-captain, and house prefects relinquished their responsibilities. This symbolic act highlighted the importance of passing the torch of leadership, ensuring a seamless transition for the school’s administrative body.

The newly appointed School Captain, Pranav Aaditya Neel, took center stage and addressed the gathering with enthusiasm and conviction. His speech resonated with motivation, emphasizing the values of leadership and the significance of working collaboratively for the betterment of the school community.

Mr. Louis J Dias, the Principal, shared his insights on leadership, providing valuable guidance to the student leaders. His words served as a source of inspiration, encouraging the young minds to lead with integrity, responsibility, and a sense of purpose.

The cultural aspect of the ceremony was brought to life by a captivating dance performance presented by students from the middle school. Their vibrant and energetic performance enthralled the audience, adding a touch of artistry to the event.

The investiture ceremony concluded on a harmonious note with the entire school coming together for the rendition of the school anthem. The event not only celebrated the formal investiture of junior prefects but also fostered a sense of unity, pride, and commitment among the students and faculty of the school.