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The Journey To Excellence- Collaborating Learning and Teaching

The core goal of schooling is to educate for meaning and understanding. Teaching for meaning and understanding are flip sides of the same coin and can happen only when students and teachers interact, interpret, and share ideas and learning. Putting facts into larger contexts and authenticating the learning from school to real life is what makes education a truly rewarding and effective experience.

A positive student-teacher relationship is essential when it comes to experiential learning, and improves the child in more than one way. With the advancement of technology, lifestyles, and dynamic environments, it is essential for all teachers to adopt new and effective ways of communicating and teaching the students.

Adopting different techniques according to your students’ learning styles, not only helps you chalk a better plan for them, but also makes it easier for the students to learn, understand, and apply. A learning style is defined as a consistent way in which a person perceives, conceptualises, organises, and recalls information. Planning, teaching, observing, and reflecting are the key thoughts one must keep in mind when it came to choosing the right teaching method for students.

Each learning style works best with certain teaching methods such as visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, and tactile. Observing and understanding the students’ learning style will help the teacher draft a plan for effective teaching and learning. For example, a child with a good visual retention ability needs to be taught through images, scenarios and videos to effectively communicate information.

There are over 150 tried and tested teaching methods that can be adopted depending on the learning styles of the students. Different teaching methods create a dynamic, fun and interactive environment and contributes to faster and more effective learning. One can simply convert a boring grammar period into something like a scrabble day for the students. It not only serves the purpose of introducing new words to the children, but also makes it interesting and fun. Teaching methods such as class discussions, field visits, crosswords, debates, video-learning etc., enables students to grasp information faster and recall them better at a later stage. It also creates a sense of curiosity among  the students who actually look forward to activities and interactive learning in class.

Efficiency, proficiency, and application are the key strengths of adopting new methods of teaching. It not only enables students to perform better, but also allows them to validate their learning and apply them in real life situations. A collaborative work environment and interactive learning methods is what puts Greenwood High faculty a notch above the rest. Learning and teaching has evolved over a period of time and still continues to adapt to the different learning styles of students. At Greenwood High, our faculty is committed to remain updated on all new and improved methods of teaching to provide our students with the best of infrastructure and learning experience.