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Kiaan Upamanyu’s Research Paper Published on Journal of Student Research

It’s a proud moment for us to share that Kiaan Upamanyu from Grade 12 had his research paper “The Effects of Image Augmentation on Efficiency of a Convolutional Neural Network of a Self-Driving Car” under the guidance of Ms. Indukala PR, HOD of Computer Science, published on Journal of Student Research, High School Edition.

You may read the journal here:

Ms. Monica, Kiaan’s Parent says, “It is a matter of great pride to us as parents to see our son publish his first research paper at this age. This is yet another achievement of his after his release of two Android Apps- named Trider and Fiteens on the App Store.”

She mentions, “I would like to also thank Ms. Indukala, his Computer Science teacher and his Research Guide who mentored him and assisted him throughout this endeavour. She is an amazing teacher who understood the child’s potential and kindled the fire. I can’t praise her efforts less. Her command in the subject is commendable and helped Kiaan learn a lot.” – Kiaan’s Parent

Such a great achievement. Congratulations, Kiaan!