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What are the Merits of Studying in an ICSE school?

The primary duty of selecting the school lies with the parents. But, in these competitive times, it is not enough to select the best school; you will have to think bigger. You will also need to decide on the board as well. You may feel that any good international school in Bangalore with either IB OR IGCSE curriculum will help your child to set a good career anywhere in the world, but that view is getting challenged by the curriculum taught by the ICSE board.

If you select an International school for your child, you are making sure that you are preparing them to carry on with their higher education abroad. But if you are putting your child in a school that follows the ICSE curriculum, you are giving your child the same advantage as a child studying under IGCSE, IB curriculum.

There are certain advantages of following an ICSE syllabus-

  • Every subject taught in ICSE gets covered in detail, so the students have enough knowledge about the subject to understand it better.
  • The certificate provided by the ICSE board gets accepted worldwide, and thus your child can get enrolled in a foreign institution if they wish to continue their studies abroad.
  • The students studying ICSE get to learn English thoroughly as the subject gets extensive coverage by the board.
  • Studying an ICSE syllabus helps to develop the management skills of your child, and thus they do well while studying management.
  • The syllabus followed by the ICSE board is such that it enhances the analytic skill of the students by providing them with practical knowledge of the subject that they are studying.
  • With an ICSE background, your child can enter for scholarship exams to study abroad as the syllabus is well suited to prove their competence in this area.
  • Students who study in the ICSE board are better prepared to crack the TOEFL exam as they a sound knowledge of the English language.

At Greenwood school ICSE, IGCSE, and IB boards are available, and you can select any one of these boards knowing that the school has an impeccable record of students passing with high grades. Compared with the schools affiliated to the ICSE board in India, Greenwood has more students scoring over ninety percent in their exam.

Among all ICSE School in Bangalore, Greenwood takes a more holistic approach towards the students’ future with their creative and innovative approach to the studies.