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MUN competition for Middle School Program (MSP)

In the month of March, the first MUN competition for Middle School Program (MSP) was held in the academic year of 2015-2016. The competition went on for two days on the 8th and 9th March with two committees: HRC and DISEC.

In the HRC committee on the first day, the GSL or General Speaker List was conducted. During this, all the delegates present had discussed the European Crisis which occurred in 2015, which was about taking refugees from various countries which are under warfare. They comment about the migration of the refugees into countries and the effects it has for their respective country. The members of the EB Rohan Munlangi, Rohan Cherukuri and Mohamed Fouzil Ali taught the delegates how to participate and present their views in a real MUN conference by advising and giving experience.

Moderated caucus was also conducted a subtopic from the major problem is chosen by voting. The delegates talked about their opinions about the sub topic, its possible solutions and matters related to it, which is happening in their country. In between, the moderated caucus, the press members Shaili Mathur and Raksha Murali hold a press conference with the delegates of China, DPRK, Syria, France, Brazil and USA, asking about a particular problem in their respective country.

The DISEC committee meanwhile had been discussing about how to stop anti-state actors from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, and had conducted their GSL and moderated caucus.  On the second day, the DISEC committee had continued their moderated caucus, when suddenly in the middle they had been informed of a crisis that had occurred at that very moment. This situation had been given to help the delegates to handle such sudden problems and find solutions. The delegates of main countries involved in the problem had to give a presidential statement, after which the delegates got a chance to state their solutions.

The members of the EB of this committee Rahul N Krishnan, Mohammed Nassen and Ashwin Rajesh had volunteered to help all delegates if they needed it and made all the delegates more confident. In between, the press members had questioned the delegates of Egypt, DPRK, USA and Greece. After a while, the delegates were given an update of the current crisis, and this time each delegate had gotten a chance to give their opinions and solutions. The parents were invited to watch their children participate in the MUN conference.
After the conference was declared closed, the closing ceremony took place. The Associate Dean Ms. Kavita Sinha made a speech, which had been followed by the Grade 7 girls performing a dance. Next the song ‘Hall of Fame’ was performed by Riti and Shreya from 7C. Finally the prize distribution had taken place and certificates were handed out to the winners. The competition had been a success and many were surprised by the talented students who had performed so well.