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Mysha Amirah(Grade 3) and Aryan Manuj(Grade 3) won 1st and 3rd Ranks respectively in MaRRS International Spelling Bee Championship.

We congratulate our students Mysha Amirah of Grade 3 (1st Rank) and Aryan Manuj of Grade 3 (3rd Rank) on being rank holders under category 1 in the Inter national Final of MaRRS International Spelling Bee competition held at Seth Juggilal Poddar Academy, Mumbai on the 24th, April 2016.  The competition tested the candidate’s abilities on synonyms/antonyms, word spellings, word origin and aural skills. The competition was participated by over 9000 students who went through the various stages of the competition: school level, inter-school level, state level, national level and International level. The participants were from India and UAE. It was the effort and hard work of the student, parents and the teachers that paid off by them being one of the toppers among the top 20 ranks in the respective Category. Attached is the Press Note of the same.