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Significance of games and activities for children?

In today’s world of advanced technology, children these days are missing out on the opportunities for the development of important skills that will serve them overall their life.

The best international school in Bangalore helps the students in helping them play different sorts of games, without making use of any mobile electronic devices. The different sorts of activities help in building up of some skills. It becomes very important for children to indulge in outdoor games and board games as well as social activities.

Playing outdoor games help in the improvement of mental and physical health in children. Exposure to outdoor play helps in shaping their personality and build in the development of social skills.

Board games are available for all ages and stages of youth. By the use of simple games colours and shapes for moving around a board to more involved games with money and resources, board games develop many skills.

Here are some of the benefits  –

Physical Development

Outdoor activities help to boost physical stamina and fitness. Playing outdoor games will further help them ins strengthening their muscle and bones, build in the immunity and lowers the risk of different serious diseases. Exposure in the sun is the source of Vitamin D and help in the improvement in their eyesight.

It can boost their creativity

Outdoor games help children to become more creative and boost their imagination skills. Being in the open and surrounded by plants and trees, and other objects, help the children’s imagination power and tap through into their creativity.

It can help them acquire social skills

Most of the children spend their time in outdoors and playing games with each other in order to tend with interact effectively with other kids in contrast to the other kids who tend to remain indoors and stay isolated. If your child spends more time indoors and lives within the shell of his own. ICSE school in Bangalore urges the children to play outdoors, improve their social and communication skills, helpful for their future.

It can help them develop a positive attitude

Children playing outdoors tend to develop a positive attitude towards life. They have a calmer and happier disposition. Outdoor offers a great opportunity for channelizing their energy in a more meaningful way.

It helps in personality development

Most of Outdoor sports or games play an important role in order to help for shaping the personality of a kid. They learn to be independent and self-reliant. Also, they will be able to learn about dealing with emergency situations, setbacks, and so on. This instils confidence in them and equips them to tackle life situations later on. For playing outdoor games also helps them develop some of the qualities like discipline, sportsmanship, and leadership – all of which are useful later